Full Automatic Soymilk Machine


Soymilk has always had the effect of beauty. Drinking a cup of hot soybean milk in winter can warm your stomach and heart. A satisfactory soymilk machine is a "family tofu workshop".

The famous soybean milk machine has generally passed the market test for many years, and its performance is relatively perfect and superior.

First of all, we need to know the source of materials and accessories used. Generally, the materials and accessories used by the soymilk machine are good, and there are some imported accessories.

A perfect service system is a good guarantee of product quality, so pre-sales, in sales, after-sale services and the density of service outlets are required.

When purchasing soybean milk machine, you can choose different capacity soybean milk machine according to the number of household soybean milk machine population. If you have one or two people, it is recommended to choose 800-1000ml; If there are three or four people in your family, it is recommended to choose 1000-1300ml; If your family has more than 4 people, it is recommended to choose 1200-1500ml soybean milk machine.

1. It has intelligent non stick and easy cleaning technology.

2. The motor performance and blade design are reasonable.

3. The mesh of good mesh cover shall be arranged crosswise in herringbone pattern, dense and even.

4. The lower part of the ideal soybean milk machine heating pipe is small semicircle, which is easy to wash and load and unload the net cover.

5. 4-5 minutes is the best time to prolong the boiling time after the first boiling of soybean milk.

6. Combination of factors such as the ratio of soybean quantity to water quantity, water temperature of pulping, pulping time and cooking time

7. Consumers should analyze the specific problems when purchasing soybean milk machine, and should not trust the one-sided words of the manufacturer to avoid buying back inappropriate products. Whether the best effect is achieved.

Soybean milk machine is controlled by microcomputer to realize the full automation of preheating, beating, boiling and delayed boiling processes. Especially, due to the addition of "slow fire boiling" processing program, soybean milk is more nutritious and tastes more fragrant.

With the increasing emphasis on health, many families have chosen to make their own soymilk for the sake of cleanliness and hygiene, thus stimulating the market of household microcomputer full-automatic soymilk machine. Soybean milk is a very ideal healthy food with high nutritional value. According to experts, soybean milk contains a variety of high-quality proteins, vitamins, essential amino acids and microelements. Whether adults, the elderly or children, as long as they persist in drinking, it will be of great benefit to improve their physique, immunity, prevention and treatment of diseases. Drink soybean milk in spring and autumn, nourish yin and moisten dryness, and regulate yin and yang; Drink soybean milk in summer to eliminate heat, prevent heatstroke, and stimulate saliva and quench thirst; Drink soybean milk in winter, dispel cold, warm stomach, nourish and nourish.

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